Sweater Success Seminar

with Amy Singer (editor of Knitty!) and Double Knot Studio

Opening Reception and “All About Knitty” lecture with Amy

Friday 4/5, from 6-8pm

$10 for non Sweater Success attendees, free for anyone signed up for Saturday’s class

Join us for snacks and drinks to welcome Amy to the Hudson Valley and hear tales from behind the scenes at Knitty:
Knitty launched in 2002, when the web was very different from the bloggy-Twitter- Ravelry-infused online knitting world we have today. Learn about how Knitty began, why it works the way it does, and heaps of other insider tidbits from the Editor/Publisher [and the woman who started Knitty], Amy Singer.

Sweater Success Seminar

Saturday 4/6 from 10am-4:30pm (please arrive by 9:45)

$160 (includes lunch & cotton yarn for swatching)

Sweater Success can be yours! Amy, Jill and Cal will walk you through making the perfect sweater, step by step, and give you the tools to tackle three elements of sweater planning, and avoid many of the common snafus. From proper fit and shaping, to design and layout of stitch patterns and texture, to yarn choice and making the best fabric to suit the style, this all-day seminar will leave you inspired and prepared to knit sweaters you’ll be proud to say you made.

To register, contact Paula Kucera at 914-456-6040 or email info@whitebarnsheepandwool.com

For questions regarding the class or materials email classes@doubleknotstudio.com

White Barn Farm, 815 Albany Post Road, New Paltz, NY 12561



Plug+Play Texture with Amy

Amy’s Plug+Play method is one of the easiest ways to apply texture to knitted fabric. Once you have a sweater silhouette that you love, choose a texture pattern that appeals to you and — using the simplest tools, like graph paper, pencil and eraser  — you’ll be able to plan the transformation of acres of stockinette into a textured fabric that’s uniquely yours. You’ll learn how to blend stitches together in combination, take existing stitch patterns and alter them to suit the way you knit, and how to handle potentially tricky areas like necklines and arm holes, keeping your chosen pattern intact and flowing. This low-stress technique is a great one to add to your knitting toolbox!

– Yarn: for swatching purposes and any yarn you’ve been dreaming of knitting with
– Needles in a size to make a solid stockinette fabric with your chosen yarn (and a size above or below, if possible…more needles are always handy)
– A big pile of simple ring stitch markers [at least 25... more is better]
– A pad of graph paper and a pencil/eraser
– At least one stitch pattern book that has stitch patterns you’re interested in trying.

 measuring up

Measuring Up with Cal

Whether you plan to knit, crochet or sew a garment for yourself (or anyone else), the first step is determining the unique size, shape and proportion of the body you wish to clothe. Like snowflakes, none of us are exactly alike, and not until we assess our actual dimensions can we begin to achieve the goal of perfect fit! Cal will show you how to properly take your measurements and use them to draft a sloper (simple pattern) for your personal fit profile. We will also discuss the concept of ease, both positive and negative, and how it affects the end result. Understanding and taking control of these elements will allow you to create pieces that fit and flatter YOU.
Supplies: Please bring a tape measure, ruler, pencil and notebook or sketchbook.


Choice Choices with Jill

From yarn and color choice to swatching there are so many variables when you set out to knit a sweater. Even long-time knitters are often afraid to commit so much time and yarn to an uncertain outcome. Jill will discuss strategies for picking the right yarn and pattern combination, along with easy pattern alterations, to make just the sweater you’ve always wanted to make! Please bring your favorite sweater – hand knit or store bought, and if you already have a sweater pattern or yarn that you’ve been dreaming of knitting, bring that along too.


PortraitUke 0012

Amy R Singer is the editor of the online knitting magazine Knitty.com, which has had more than 130 million site visits since its launch in 2002. Ten years ago.

Most people who learn she’s a knitter and knitting magazine editor who is allergic to wool think it’s hysterical. Ha. Never mind. She’s perfectly happy knitting with cotton and silk and lots of other stuff, and wrote a book on the subject (No Sheep for You; Interweave Press, 2007), and a few others about other stuff.

Amy lives in Toronto with her husband and their two rabbits, Boeing and Squeeze, and is frequently seen walking about shamelessly in public with her ukulele.

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